Will Israel Attack Iran?

In 1981, Israel unilaterally attacked and destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor, preventing the country from becoming capable of producing nuclear weapons and using them against Israel. At the time, the world was outraged at Israel, but a decade later world leaders, including then US. President Bill Clinton, praised Israel’s actions.  In 2015, will Israel launch a repeat of this attack, but this time against Iran’s nuclear facilities?

Many experts believe Israel will launch an independent attack on Iran’s nuclear sites to stop it from producing nuclear weapons because Israel has no choice; if it does not destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities then Israel, as well as the rest of the world, will be at the mercy of a nuclear and dangerous Iran. In 2014, approximately 10 billion shekels were allocated to the IDF to prepare for a possible unilateral strike attack on Iran.

Israeli politicians have said that the ongoing negotiations between the U.S., the European Union and other countries with Iran regarding how much uranium Iran should be permitted to produce are not only ineffectual, but also pose a deadly risk. Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has frequently said that permitting Iran to produce any amount of uranium would be lethal, not only to Israel, but to the rest of the world as well. Additionally, the Israeli position is that these negotiations only succeed in granting Iran more time to cultivate its nuclear capacities.

Will Israel unilaterally attack Iran in 2015? No one is certain but watch this Israel Iran news video for more information on the reasons why Israel might choose to attack: